Monday, August 31, 2009

Art Journal Video Walkthrough

Hi everyone!

I've made a new video tonight and posted it to the ArtTrader Magazine Youtube channel. Its a 7-minute walkthrough of me making a mixed media tree journal page for my new art journal.

Here is the list of supplies from the video:
-papers/scrapbook papers/old papers
-hand-carved stamps
-pattern paper (from sewing patterns)
-Golden Acrylic glazing liquid
-Rotring Artpen and Rapdiosketch pens


Tammy said...

So dissapointed - I clicked on your video (the early picture of your mixed media tree) and message popped up that it had been removed. I want to view it!!!

Lisa said...

I love your artwork. It's all so beautiful.

adriayna said...

Tammy, I'm not sure why that happened! I've updated the link now so it should work :).

Cricket on the Hearth said...

That video was just mesmerizing and soothing at the same time! Wow! Thank you for sharing that.

I just received your Tarot of Trees deck & book this evening.....I am in love doesn't begin to express the joy and happiness your images bring to me. Thank you SO much again!!!