Monday, August 24, 2009

Mapmaking Part II

Alright everyone, here is another update on Reuben's map! I had to put off finishing it for a while because I needed to order a smaller rapdiograph pen (a .25 nib) to to the really small stuff.

So the first image here is of me painting in some of the small buildings on the outside of the map. Each of these buildings takes only a second or two to paint, but when you are painting hundreds of them, this really adds up! I used a fine liner "0" sized brush to do these.

This second image shows the final map--before inking! The inking will probably take as long as the painting did, in all honesty :).

And so, now I'll be ready to ink the map and figure out how I'm going to finish it in time for gaming this week!


Bevie said...

Wow Dana this has to be a very tedious job, but it's awesome!!!
Wonderful blog you have here. I have 2, but haven't been posting much of late.

One is He Lives
the other My Creative World

Tammy said...


Annotated Margins said...

Great map!

Bella said...

this is awesome!! so much patience and beautiful colors!! keep up the amazing work and thanks for the different ideas!

hope to hear from you!!